Irish Talent: New Shorts Eight, Documentaries

Sun 15 July / Town Hall Theatre / 11:45

In this programme of short documentary film we explore different themes through a variety of styles – in English, Italian and the Irish language. This programme showcases work from debut filmmakers and more established directors.



As a young man from the Travelling community, Johnny Maughan always felt different. Growing up all around Ireland and the UK, he experienced discrimination wherever he went. But as Johnny got older, he began feeling different, even within his own community, as he started to realise he was gay.
Director Hugh Rodgers
Producers Zlata Filipovic & Anna Rodgers
Country Ireland

The Red Tree

An elderly man returns to the remote prison island of San Domino where, 60 years before, during Mussolini’s Fascist regime, he was imprisoned with hundreds of other Italian men for being homosexual.
Director Paul Rowley
Producers Nicky Gogan & Paul Rowley
Countries Ireland & Italy

Grá & Eagla (Love & Fear)

We follow Galway-based comedian Áine Gallagher as she prepares material for her bilingual stand-up comedy shows. This film offers fresh insight into what it means to be an Irish speaker in modern Ireland, and gives encouragement to future Irish speakers.
Director Caitríona Ní Chadhain (Debut)
Producers Caitríona Ní Chadhain & Slip Jig Media
Countries Ireland & Scotland


Pigsy tells the story of an artist who has struggled his whole life with severe dyslexia. Being dyslexic brought feelings of shame and inferiority, but Pigsy took those feelings and channeled them into creating art to express himself.
Director Mike Andrews (Debut)
Producer Mike Andrews
Country Ireland


What has been lost with the modernization of indigenous cultures and minority groups in our ever-connected communities? The central metaphor of this film is “the eternal campfire”, an ancient place where culture and heritage have been passed down through generations for millennia. What happens if these fires are extinguished in our constant drive for progress?
Director John Connors (Debut)
Producer Tiernan Williams
Countries Ireland & Morocco

Taking the Waters

Taking the Waters is a short film about an 80-year-old tidal pool in Margate and the swimmers who find solace and community in these waters during turbulent times.
Directors Kathryn Ferguson & Anna Hart (Debut)
Producer Shabana Mansuri
Country UK

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues is a short documentary about a young woman on a journey of discovery. Who is her father? How many dads does she have? She uncovers these truths through the voices of close family members and finally confronts the reality of her complex family relationships.
Director Fia Karma Wren (Debut)
Producer Fia Karma Wren

Country Ireland Brand Ireland: The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

When the Icon Factory honoured the makers of two multi-award-winning Irish feature films, nobody knew how badly those filmmakers had been treated by the people paid to protect Irish culture. Until now.
Director Terry McMahon (Debut)
Producer Jeff Doyle
Country Ireland


Through horses, a man feels an irrepressible duty to move in harmony with his pain. This film explores the infinite momentum of life via an energy never destroyed, only transformed.
Director Sean Mullan (Debut)
Producer Chris Martin
Country UK