New Irish Shorts 7 Short Documentaries

Sun 10 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10.00
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From the artist’s den, to the wrestling ring, to traditional crafts, to contemporary dance, to modern day internet sensations, our documentary strand highlights the diversity of human life on this island. This programme showcases work from debut filmmakers to more established directors.

Séan Hillen, Merging Views

This portrait observes artist Séan Hillen as he creates a beautiful new photomontage. He shares thoughts about his work and recent personal discovery.
Director Paddy Cahill
Producer Tal Green


Gasper dwells in the Irish countryside. He forages for berries and trout. Bathing in a vintage famine pot, he seems content with his idyllic isolation.
Director Bryony Dunne
Producer Bryony Dunne


Simon Rochford gives an insight into his role as a promoter at Irish Whip Wrestling, as well as the difficulties that come with it.
Director Eoin King
Producer Dara McConnell


Following their son Kevin’s tragic death, Colin and Eithne Bell work to alleviate the financial hardships of families seeking to repatriate their deceased to Ireland.
Director Lauren McGuigan
Producer Lauren McGuigan

Oíche Nollaig na mBan

A visual response to the life-force in Seán Ó’Ríordáin’s poem, Oíche Nollag na mBan.
Director Oonagh Kearney
Producer Oonagh Kearney

From Ash

A look at the craft behind  Ireland’s most iconic sporting symbol, the hurley stick, from the forest to the workshop and the All-Ireland Final.
Director Eamonn Dunne
Producer Eamonn Dunne, Mary Deely

Gone Viral

Eddie and Senan are mental health nurses who share a unique pastime by entertaining millions of people online with their 6 second comedic videos.
Director Charlo Johnson
Producers Charlo Johnson, Paul Webster

Mama Hen

Mama Hen is a charming documentary about mothers and daughters – told through the story of one woman and her chickens.
Director Ryan Ralph
Producer Ryan Ralph