Irish Talent: New Shorts Seven, Animation

Sun 15 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10:00

This programme of shorts celebrates the creative cornerstone of Irish film: the animation industry. We showcase the latest work from established directors and the best in new Irish animation from the country’s recent graduates. This programme features home-grown animation, international co-productions and Irish talent from the USA and the UK.


Feline Fiesta

An ordinary man’s slumber is interrupted by a raging house party, hosted by his pet cat. He throws his selfish cat roommate out with the riffraff. But all is not what it seems…
Director Aoife Magee (Debut)
Producers Richard Glynn, Ed Smith & CDCEF
Country Ireland


Moss + Daisies

A woman reflects upon the beauty and pain in the natural cycle of growth and decay within human relationships.
Director Dearbhlá Reid
Producers Dearbhlá Reid & LSAD
Country Ireland


Skin sold 4 gold.

This is a short film about the decisions we would have to make after selling our skin for gold, and the limited choice that we would have.
Director Dermot Lynskey
Producer Dermot Lynskey
Country Ireland

Not the End of the World

Joe Connoly’s life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious note arrives on his desk in school. Take a trip down memory lane to the awkward and confusing days of school romances as Joe does his best to cope with his burgeoning adolescence.
Director Jack Bennett
Producer Jack Bennett
Country UK

The Usual

A day in the life of a barman and patron in an Irish pub. Narrated by a voice-over compiled of interviews with John B. Keane and Richard Burton, in which they discuss their relationship with alcohol.
Directors Eabha Bortolozzo (Debut) &Jack Kirwan (Debut)
Producers Eabha Bortolozzo,
Jack Kirwan & IADT
Country Ireland

Under The Weather

During a seemingly normal day, Ed discovers a secret room, a crazy old man, and a conspiracy that sets him on course for a life-changing decision.
Director Patrick O’Mahony
Producer Royal College Of Art
Country UK


Focusing on the impact of PTSD, this story features a character living with the affliction day to day. We get a glimpse of the loneliness and isolation one endures after a traumatic life-altering experience, and also the reasoning people may have for turning to substance abuse.
Director Tom Clancy (Debut)
Producers Tom Clancy & LSAD
Country Ireland


While playing in her grandmother’s attic, 12-year-old Jade finds a mysterious magic crown. She is mistakenly believed to be the queen of a magical world by seemingly friendly creatures.
Director Sadhbh Elliott (Debut)
Producer Sadhbh Elliott
Country Ireland


A tiny sphere falls to Earth from space, then searches for signs of her own kind. When confronted with the rejection of her existence, she uses her ingenuity to get to a friendly face in the night sky, where she encounters challenges she could never have imagined.
Director James W. Griffiths (Debut)
Producer Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly
Countries Ireland & UK

Two Balloons

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their balloons halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.
Director Mark C. Smith (Debut)
Producer Mark C. Smith
Country Ireland & USA


This visually rich VR short follows the lives of a young family and who inhabit a vividly coloured VR landscape.
Director Aoífe Doyle
Producer Niamh Herrity
Country Ireland
This is an animated VR short. While it is part of our animation selection, it will be screened separately in the Black Gate from 11am on Sunday 15th. This is not a ticketed event but instead first come first serve. Each view take 15min MAX and we recommended allocating time for queuing.