New Irish Shorts 4

Fri 8 July /Town Hall Theatre / 12.00
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A collection of shorts which explore relationships in their many forms: parents and children, school-time camaraderies, star-crossed lovers. From the formation of lifelong bonds to heart-crushing departures, we witness how a single situation can entirely change a perspective.

The Letter

Determined to save the relationship they’ve built together, he says everything he has to say – the only way he knows how.
Director Kevin O’Farrell
Producer Kevin O’Farrell


Mary is a single mother striving to instil moral values in her children. But can a mother’s love triumph over the lure of the city streets?
Director Eimear Callaghan
Producer Anthony McDonagh

The Saviour of Dublin City

Nathan must embark on a journey to Dublin city’s Spire with his imaginary sidekick to get the superpower that will stop his parents’ fighting.
Director David Naughton
Producer Shane Crowley

We Have Each Other

A young couple try to survive a crisis, but the real danger may be far more personal than either of them realise.
Director Naomi Sheridan
Producers Roisin Kearney, Fran Sheridan

Delicate Things

Blinded by grief, a man vows to avenge his wife’s killer. Only his young, sensitive son can save his dad from the enveloping darkness of revenge.
Director Patrick Maxwell
Producer Joan Burney Keatings MBE


Lily, a girl with a secret on the cusp of becoming a young woman, is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.
Director Graham Cantwell
Producers Sharon Cronin, Indah Pietersz, Emma Carlsson, Ciaran Byrne