Thurs 11 July | 13:30 | Pálás Screen 2

2023 | Estonia | 70’

Estonian (English Subtitles)

Karin and Mari are facing the demise of Mamma, Karin’s mother and Mari’s grandmother. They both release their pain on each other, but in unconditional love, everything is allowed. At Mamma’s home, Karin and Mari are preparing for her departure. One by one they go through unresolved traumas from the past and whirl in an endless vortex of emotions, only to forgive each other again and seek closeness. On the backdrop of mother and daughter seeking closeness and mutual understanding, there is archive footage of Mamma, showing her peaceful healthy everyday life.

Mo Mamma, winner of the Special Jury Prize at PÖFF, is a bittersweet homage to Mamma, full of feminine absurd.

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: Eeva Magi
Producers: Sten-Johan Lill, Marju Lepp, Eeva Mägi, Manfred Vainokivi
Cast: Eva Koldits, Helena Lotman

Principal funder