Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea / Mediterráneo

Senior Spanish 15+

Mon 14th Nov | 10.15am & Tue 15th Nov | 12.45

2021 | Spain/Greece | Drama | Spanish with English subtitles | 109 mins | Director: Marcel Barrena

​As he learns of the growing humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean sea, Spanish lifeguard Òscar Camps decides to head to the Greek island Lesbos along with his reluctant colleague Gerard. Once on the island, they are faced with the enormity of the situation. The pair struggle to do what they can to help the continued stream of people arriving, working against determined people-smugglers and inert local coastguards with very limited resources.

Contains dramatised scenes of rescue from refugee crisis and one scene of childbirth. 

The film will be introduced and a study guide available on the day.

In association with IFI Education

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