Sat 13 July | 15:00 | Pálás Screen 3

2023 | Mexico, Ireland | 110’

English, Spanish (English Subtitles)

Damian, tormented by grief, journeys from Mexico City seeking solace. Across Mexico’s landscapes, he confronts his past and grapples with guilt over Dalia, his late girlfriend. Observing how others cope with mortality, he seeks acceptance. Immersed in diverse traditions and cultural rituals, Damian finds a guiding compass to navigate his mourning process. Engaging in conversations amidst Mexico’s ever-shifting landscapes, he yearns for solace. This inward journey amid vivid hues ultimately reveals the profound compassion and wisdom of Mexico’s people. An accomplished feature debut from Andres Arochi.

European Premiere

Director/Writer: Andres Arochi
Producers: Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney, Santiago Tron
Cast: Dolores Heredia, Claudette Maillé, Daniella Valdez, Rodrigo Azuela

Principal funder