Thu 7 July / Town Hall Theatre / 18.002015 / Italy, Ireland / 96min
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“Set in Second World War Sardinia, this is a film about the twin pillars of life and death and the path of love that walks between them.”

Annetta is an Accabadora, a type of “reverse midwife”, called upon by families to help the terminally ill exit this world as painlessly as possible. While the locals have much respect for her role, handed down from mother to daughter, they keep her at a distance and so Annetta leads a solitary life. With her dying breath, her sister requests that the tradition is not passed on to her daughter. In order to do this Annetta must renounce her niece Tecla. The bond between them  is too great, and so Anetta must leave her town and follow Tecla to Cagliari. There she meets Albert, a foreign doctor with whom she finds hope.

Director Enrico Pau, producer Jane Doolan, and actor Barry Ward will attend.

Director Enrico Pau
Cast Donatella Finochiarro, Barry Ward, Carloina Crescentini
Script Antonia Iacarina, Enrico Pau, Igor Tuveri
Producers Francesco Pamphili, Jane Doolan