Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land

Sat 9 July / Town Hall Studio / 14.302015 / Germany, Czech Republic / 72min
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“Director Gilad Baram follows celebrated photographer Josef Koudelka on his journey through the Holy Land from one enigmatic and visually spectacular location to another.”

The film follows Josef Koudelka on his journey photographing Israel and Palestine. In each enigmatic and visually spectacular location, a scene unfolds, and we are gradually introduced to Koudelka’s working method, his perception of the world he is documenting and the people he encounters.

A fascinating dialogue emerges between the moving images of Baram’s film and Koudelka’s still photographs, as Baram places the photographer in his own breathtaking compositions. Austere images of landscapes divided by concrete walls and barbed wire reveal the tragic absurdity of the infamous conflict.

Official selection: DOCAVIV 2016

Director Gilad Baram will attend.

Director Gilad Baram
Cast Josef Koudelka
Script Gilad Baram, Elisa Purfürst
Producers Gilad Baram

Presented with the support of Goethe-Institut Irland.