Wed 10 July | 20:00 | Pálás Screen 3

2024 | USA, Thailand, Ireland | 116’

Ryan is an Irish actor trying to fulfil his dream, climbing the ranks of the film industry in Bangkok, Thailand with his acting classmate Jan, a love interest, and friend Jay. Ryan learns his father is ill and sees a window of opportunity start to close on his goals. So, when he’s contacted by big Hollywood producers, he gets one last chance to succeed on a shoot in Jakarta, Indonesia. But when he arrives there, things get strange. The crew is delayed and he has to front costs for permits. He’s sexually harassed by the female producer, and lies to Jan about it. Eventually, he discovers that he’s caught in the trap of the “Hollywood Con Queen,” one of the most creative and prolific scammers the world has ever known. Based on a true story.

European Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow

Director: Tom Waller
Writer: Eoin O’Brien
Producers: Takahiro Yamashita, Michael Pritchett, Tom Waller
Cast: Eoin O’Brien, Ravi Patel, Patrick Bergin, Francis Magee, Lynette Emond

Principal funder