Sat 13 July | 19:00 | Town Hall Theatre

2023 | Ireland | 95’

Kathleen is 18 and fresh out of foster care. Her departure coincides with the death of her biological mother and she returns to her hometown to take ownership of her mother’s house. Across the road lives Dee, with her husband, Rory, and young son, Conor. Kathleen ingratiates herself to Dee through a seemingly selfless act and Dee feels indebted to her. Just as Kathleen’s world is starting to come together, tendencies from her past start to seep out through the cracks in her façade. Intent on playing happy families, Kathleen becomes dangerously obsessed with Dee. She implicates Rory in an extramarital affair to further her goal of having Dee all to herself – a goal that ultimately leads to her own destruction.

Irish Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow

Director/Writer: Eva Birthistle
Producer: Claire McCaughley
Cast: Hazel Doupe, Clare Dunne, Peter Coonan, Aaron Monaghan, Liadán Dunlea, James McGowan

Principal funder