Irish Talent: Way Out West

Wed 11 July / Town Hall Theatre / 11:00

The Galway Film Fleadh is very proud to present a programme of shorts showcasing film from the West of Ireland. This non-competitive category contains a mix of documentary and live-action drama. This programme features work from debut filmmakers and more established directors.



With more than half of his life spent in institutions, prisons and on the streets, Denis Connolly is viewed by many as a true survivor.
Director Damien Connolly (Debut)
Producer Damien Connolly
Country Ireland


Jon Mangion thought he was taking early retirement. A trip to Ireland, a stay at a castle, a jog around the grounds. But the particular pathway he finds takes him on an unexpected journey.
Director Jon Mangion (Debut)
Producer Vanessa Gildea
Countries Ireland & USA

Ronnachaí Buí (Smoked Mackerel)

It was just an ordinary summer for best friends Colm, Maeve and Peadar; racing their bikes near their home in the west coast of Ireland. That is until the girls from the Irish Language School arrived, leading Peadar, and then Colm, into unknown territory.
Director Ciarán Charles (Debut)
Producer Ciarán Charles
Country Ireland

A Curious Burial Arrangement

The historical story of a gentry family who lived in the West of Ireland during the revolutionary times of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Director Billy Murray
Producer Billy Murray
Country Ireland

Bittersweet, The Rise of Diabetes

Bittersweet is a half-hour documentary film which follows the personal stories of young people who are living with diabetes and their daily struggle to manage it.
Director Hugh Rodgers
Producers Zlata Filipovic & Anna Rodgers
Country Ireland

Remembering to Forget… Forgetting to Remember

St. Brigid’s hospital stands in Ballinasloe, Ireland. An imposing building from the 1830s, St Brigid’s has always been infamous, and if the walls could speak they would scream haunting tales of days gone by. Even today you’ll hear people say “One day that lad is going to end up in Ballinasloe!”
Director David Souto
Producer Michael Daly
Country Ireland

Leave The Road Behind You

Leave The Road Behind You is a bilingual coming-of-age drama about a boy from the Gaeltacht struggling with changes as he prepares to leave home.
Director Daniel Butler
Producer Bob Gallagher
Country Ireland

Connection Interrupted

In this time, where social media and online connections seem essential, sometimes the most important connections are lost.
Director Ronnie Quinlan
Producer Kerry Quinlan
Country Ireland

Lakeside Stories

Lakeside Stories is a 40-minute documentary that reveals the social history of a small rural community in a rich tapestry of memories, anecdotes and archival images from the 1940s & 50s to the present day.
Director Hilary Dully
Producers Kathleen McNamara & Lough Graney Youth Club
Country Ireland