Irish Talent: New Shorts Three

Fri 13 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10:00

In our third programme of live-action shorts we explore the parallels of problems in a variety of settings: modern times to troubled pasts, urban and rural, natural and supernatural. Featuring student film and work from more established directors, this programme hosts Irish talent and international co-productions from the UK and Canada.


Coco Dreams of Blue

Clodagh is a millennial. She doesn’t want to deal with her issues. On her way down from a tinder hook-up, she gets trapped in an elevator. Then things get weird. The elevator is stuck in a time loop. Clodagh is forced to relive her memories and face herself, literally.

Director Caoimhe Clancy (Debut)
Producer Caroline Kealy
Countries Canada & Ireland


That Old Feeling

Daniel, a trumpet player whose best audience is his cows, must leave his rural surroundings to search for the uncle who inspired him, and the dream which eludes him.

Director Sean Maher (Debut)
Producer Cian Desmond
Country Ireland



After seeing his family blown apart by an IRA bomb attack, young Conor Hurt is taken away to grow up in Manchester. In the aftermath of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Conor confesses to his role in the IRA to a reporter who is more involved in his past than she realises.
Director Beau Ferris (Debut)
Producers Lars Knudsen & Ethan Lazar
Countries Canada & Northern Ireland

Early Days

In the days following her return from hospital, new mother Kate is rocked by post-natal trauma and hallucinations, making her world increasingly hard to bear. Can anything pull her back to reality – before it’s too late?
Director Nessa Wrafter (Debut)
Producer Clancie Brennan
Countries Ireland & UK



A foreigner in a place he calls home, Camlo lives a cyclical existence selling a daily newspaper when a chance encounter sets him on a journey. He confronts stereotypical perceptions head on, and learns what it means to be treated differently, challenging his identity and acceptance as an outcast of society.
Director David Moody
Producers Emma Mullen & Brian J. Falconer
Country UK



Hardworking mam Grace has the perfect happy family: a loving husband and two wonderful children. But, when her husband arrives home one day with a brand-new kitchen appliance, she slowly starts to realize that there might not be room for both of them in this house.
Director Natasha Waugh
Producer Sharon Cronin
Country Ireland


War Paint

The woman is an isolated, beautiful narcissist. She has driven away her brother and is desperately searching for a new ally. She finds one in Pima, a downtrodden girl desperate for friendship. When the woman calls her in the middle of the night with a grisly request, Pima comes running to her new best friend.
Director Nat Luurtsema
Producer Diarmuid Hughes
Countries Ireland & UK