Irish Talent: New Shorts Four

Fri 13 July / Town Hall Theatre / 12:00

This selection of seven shorts ranges from modern drama and comedy to films celebrating the cinematic convergence of individual art forms. This programme features student film and work from more established filmmakers.


Her Name Is…

An isolated young woman moves erratically through the city at night. Cold, damaged and despondent, she’s going somewhere with grim determination. She passes various urban inhabitants in a haze of ambiguity. The people, the lights, the sounds are tripwires that set off flashbacks of a man. It’s almost like she’s walking through an unpleasant dream.
Directors Claire Byrne & Lydia McGuinness (Debut)
Producers Jo Halpin & Emma Wall
Country Ireland


Boy Saint

When two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality they uncover the pain and longing of the human heart.
Director Tom Speers (Debut)
Producer Cian Speers
Country Ireland


The Gurney

The Gurney is a personal drama that tells the story of death row warden Albert Gilmore as he becomes conflicted over the upcoming execution of young black woman Aleisha Edward.
Director Glenn Whelan
Producers Darrel-Kirk Lambert & Glenn Whelan
Country UK


Supported by his music teacher, young Ben finds refuge from his warring parents in the most imaginative way possible. His future depends on it. This is a story about the inspirational power of music.
Director Mick Gordon (Debut)
Producers Chris Parr & Kevin Jackson
Country Northern Ireland



Shauna is an audacious young girl from Northside Dublin, forced to come to terms with the fact she is pregnant. When her ex-boyfriend won’t even acknowledge her existence, the reality of her situation sets in. Time is ticking as she decides to have an abortion but doesn’t know which way to turn.
Director Tara O’Callaghan (Debut)
Producers Jack Cowhig & IADT
Country Ireland


Here’s Looking at You, Kid

11-year-old Hubert deals with a recent tragedy the only way he knows how – by putting on the veneer of a private eye detective. Director Michael Lennox
Producer Sean Murray
Country Northern Ireland


The Overcoat

A lonely social outcast gets a glimpse of what life is like for someone popular, but cannot let it go, even in death.
Director Patrick Myles
Producers Kate Turner & Mark Puddle
Country UK