Irish Talent: New Shorts Five

Sat 14 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10:00

These five short films take us from the rugged Northern coastline, through our rural heartland and onward to the metropolitan UK. This programme examines a range of themes, including love, loss and the unyielding nature of family bonds in the face of life’s darkness.



Storied windows unveil a tale of religious guilt, sin and redemption in this short experimental drama set against the dramatic and rugged Northern Irish coastline.
Director Helen Warner
Producer Marie McDonald
Country UK

Wren Boys

In his sermon on St Stephen’s Day, a priest recalls the now-outmoded wren hunting tradition. Boys would be sent out to kill a wren, and later bury the bird. But it was cruel; and tradition, Father Conor concludes, does not legitimize cruelty.
Director Harry Lighton
Producer Sorcha Bacon
Country UK


Tommy has been trapped in the depths of rural Ireland for many years. His sense of duty keeps him here looking after his sickly father. After the death of his mother, his older sister Dylan returns home. They both have callings, both have to fulfill a promise to their mother, no matter how difficult it is.
Director Brendan McCallion
Producer Frank O’Malley
Country Ireland


Somewhere on the rural fringe of Belfast, Annie opens a window to let the fresh air in and the ghosts out. She is supported by her irreverent, warm-hearted daughter Joy and ambitious grand-daughter Ali. A simmering dispute between Annie and Joy erupts which will send them each searching for answers.
Director Stacey Gregg (Debut)
Producers Christopher Myers & Brian J. Falconer
Countries Ireland & Northern Ireland


Two 10-year-old boys are detained by police under suspicion of abducting and murdering a toddler. A true story based on interview transcripts and records from the James Bulger case which shocked the world in 1993.
Director Vincent Lambe
Producers Darren Mahon & Robert Dwyer-Joyce
Country Ireland