Sun 14 July | 10:00 | 86’ | Town Hall Theatre 

This exciting selection of Irish short documentaries covers a wide range of topics focusing on the struggles that the people of Ireland face today. We aim to shine a light on historical and contemporary issues faced across the island of Ireland.
*Please note, this programme touches on adult topics and is not suitable for younger audiences.

I Am The Immaculate Conception
A film about mothers – both absent and adoptive – that documents a visionary devotion to the Virgin Mary in rural Ireland, and the horrors that exist beneath the surface of the country’s Catholic institutions.

Director/Writer: Frank Martin
Producers: Solomon Golding, Frank Eli Martin

We Beg to Differ
Exploring Northern Ireland’s underground car community amidst a mental health crisis, this documentary showcases the community’s deep bonds, passion for cars and daring spirit, all while evading the law.

Director/Writer: Ruairi Bradley
Producers: Thomas Purdy, Ruairi Bradley

After The Bomb
When a bomb in Northern Ireland devastates a woman’s life, she and her community must fight for victims and survivors against a negligent government.

Director/Writer/Producer: Heather Brumley

The First Drop that Saw the Sky
Working with artists Aisling Byrne and Shaun Dunne, members of Suaimhneas Clubhouse in Raheny, Dublin, created this moving short film about their mental health journeys.

Directors: Aisling Byrne, Shaun Dunne
Producer: Evan Musgrave
Writers: Aideen Bickerdike, Alan Quinn, Shaun Dunne, Deirdre Foreman

Hold On
Dance Artist, Lucia Kickham navigates pregnancy after loss, she discovers self-forgiveness and love, while embracing change.

Director/Writer: Cathy Dunne
Producer: Maggie Ryan

The Building and Burning of a Refugee Camp
Three men seeking sanctuary in Ireland find themselves in the makeshift refugee camp on Sandwith Street in central Dublin, caught between a hostile asylum policy and an increasingly militant far-right.

Director/Writer: Dennis Harvey
Producers: Elin Lilleman Eriksson, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliute

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