Sat 15 July | 12:00 | 104’ | Town Hall Theatre

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is proud to present the World Premiere of an exciting and robust selection of new Irish short films funded under the agency’s Focus Shorts and Frameworks short film schemes. The Frameworks projects included in this line-up are co-funded by Screen Ireland and RTÉ.

*Please note, a number of films in this line-up are only suitable for a mature audience.


Ireland, 1950s. Moira and her boyfriend are on the eve of leaving their small town lives for something bigger. Moira’s parents disapprove of her carefree attitude and ambitions, and commit her to a mental hospital.

Director/Writer: Diarmuid Donohoe
Producer: Victor McGowan

Worry World

A young factory worker forever dreams in colour of escape from a black-and-white world, where one’s every thought is on display. Until she meets someone who dreams in colour too…

Director: Jessica Patterson
Writer: Hugh O’Conor
Producer: Shauna Cullen


When his daughter is born with a demonic affliction warned of in Celtic legend, a widowed father struggles to defy the violent superstitions of their rural community, and faces a dark ultimatum on the night of the girl’s 18th birthday.

Director/Writer: Ciarán Hickey
Producer: Finbarr Crotty


A precocious biracial boy embarks on a day’s journey to reconnect with an estranged relative, unaware of a long-existing dispute between both sides of the family.

Director/Writer: Derek Ugochukwu
Producer: Robert Higgins

The Last Set

Inspired by pagan traditions and liminal spaces, The Last Set examines the relationship between ritual and isolation. Music and costume permeate a story about confronting fear and celebrating life, even in our final moments.

Director: Aisling Conroy
Writer: John Mackey
Producer: Sarah O’Carroll

Cod & Chips

A man on a bridge contemplates ending his life. Startled by a talking seagull, he accidentally drops his phone into the river below. The bird pesters him long enough to give him time to reconsider his plans.

Director/Writer: Matthew Pidgeon
Producer: Deirdre Griffin

Waiting Day

‘Waiting Day’ is the day before you’re paid, the day before you can top up your gas, the day before you feel rich again – just for a moment. This is a story of a working-class Ma and her two daughters finding humour in their repetitive existence.

Director: Grace Dyas
Writer: Lynn Ruane
Producer: Claire Frances Byrne

Nana Dee

As years go by in a quiet house, its only resident spends most of her days alone. Nana Dee’s attention is solely on the clock on the wall, making every second feel like an hour. She’s expecting someone, and they’re late.

Directors: Marta Sniezek, Momo Willet
Writer: Dylan Spurling
Producer: Sarah O’Carroll


The Great Irish Elk takes young Oisín on an emotional journey through the realm of the bog. With the Elk’s guidance, he finds comfort in the natural world and discovers that when we are lost, looking to the simple things can guide us home.

Directors/Writers: Éabha Bortolozzo,Jack Kirwan
Producer: Greg Connolly


Amidst spontaneous travels around 1990s’ Ireland, Oscar, a young boy, finds himself navigating the true essence of adventure with his father, one spirited weekend at a time.

Director/Writer: Lochlainn McKenna
Producers: Natalie Britton, Gráinne Dwyer

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