Sat 13 July | 11:30 | 120’ | Town Hall Theatre

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is proud to present the World Premiere of an exciting selection of new Irish short films funded under the agency’s Focus Shorts and Frameworks short film schemes. The Frameworks projects included in this line-up are co-funded by Screen Ireland and RTÉ.
*Please note, a number of films in this line-up are only suitable for a mature audience.

Naked Lights 
Emma is stuck in a dead-end job as a night shift attendant at a petrol station. When a masked stranger arrives one night, threatening to burn the place to the ground, Emma is all that stands in his way.
Director/Writer: Jeda de Brí
Producer: Gregory Burrowes

One More Round
Amy, a beauty therapist, and Darren, a street sweeper, are a young Dublin couple struggling to conceive. They are forced to assess their relationship as they navigate the strain of fertility treatment.
Director: Barry O’Connor
Producer: Natalie Britton
Writer: Lauren Larkin

Mero makes her way into the city by train. It feels like this might be her first time out in some time. She ducks into her favourite café where a mug of coffee and an encounter with a kindred spirit put her at ease.
Director/Writer: Jack Phelan
Producer: Claire Lennon
Lead animator: Ciara Croke

Cat & Mouse
Cat is at work in the local diner. She is contemplating robbing the place when a man in a mouse costume enters with the same intentions.
Director: Michael-David McKernan
Producer: Mícheál Fleming
Writer: Clare Monnelly

Bereaved father Eoin struggles to survive in a mountainside cave after an injury leaves him lame and starving. Desperation drives him to abandon his solitude and descend into a perilous, famine-stricken landscape.
Director/Writer: Alan Hopkins
Producer: Husni Abdelhafid

In an afternoon of preparations and packing to leave her parents’ home, Camille wanders in a mist of feelings and memories of her past, through which she finds the strength to face her future.
Directors/Writers: Deither Kirby Jay, Jessie Lopez II
Producer: Carla Vulpiani
Lead animators: Deither Kirby Jay, Jessie Lopez II, Mikai Geronimo

Anne Byrne, recently widowed, lives with her useless adult son. She’s left juggling housework and the bog, until her witchy neighbour suggests building a Golem. When Anne develops feelings for it, her man-child son tries to destroy it.
Director/Writer: Paudie Baggott
Producer: Maggie Ryan

I Can’t Go On
Trapped inside polyester fur, dizzy and sweating to death, a children’s party entertainer’s day goes from bad to worse. As events spiral into chaos and panic, a tense battle for survival ensues.
Director/Writer: Laoisa Sexton
Producers: Tamryn Reinecke, Emma Scott, Emma Foley

Following a sudden, tragic bereavement, Mags uncovers a tightly held secret as she navigates the fast-paced pressures of a West of Ireland tourist property turnaround. Grief-stricken and under mounting pressure, Mags must decide if she will risk everything to help a friend.
Director/Writer: Aisling Byrne
Producer: Killian Coyle

Retirement Plan
In the throes of his overstimulated, energy-poor midlife, Ray (Domhnall Gleeson) fantasises about everything he’d love to do in retirement, once he finally has “the time”. He will pursue his curiosities, challenge his limiting beliefs, embrace fear, beauty, even the complexities of wine culture.
Director: John Kelly
Producers: Julie Murnaghan, Andrew Freedman
Writers: Tara Lawall, John Kelly
Lead animators: Marah Curran, Eamonn O’Neill

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