Irish Talent: New Shorts 7, Fiction

Sat 09 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10:00 / 12+

This line-up of six exciting short films explores relatable, modern issues that many of us face today. Dealing with everything from loss to growth, this selection celebrates the strength at the core of these characters.
This programme features student films and work from more established filmmakers.

Wednesday’s Child

Marie faces her first day on the job as a social care worker. Despite her optimism, a house call to a family in crisis quickly brings her down to reality.

Director: Laura O Shea
Producers: Caroline Harvey & Charleigh Baileigh
Country: Ireland

The Cope

Sadhbh, a young dancer from a small Irish fishing town, has one dream: escape and dance for a living. She is thrilled with the news that she has got an audition, however, her boyfriend Matty is terrified it could spell the end of their relationship.

Director: Jamie Delaney
Producers: Ronan Cassidy & Gregory Burro
Country: Ireland

The Rattle

Tina returns home to try to come off crack, supervised by her mother. Together they embark upon a ‘rattle’. The whole thing is witnessed by her 3-year-old daughter.

Director: Grace Dyas
Producers: Clare O’Connor & Grace Dyas
Country: Ireland

Sons of Róisín

After the tragic passing of his brother, Pádraig visits an audiologist to learn that his hearing has deteriorated beyond repair. Left in the silence of his own grief, Pádraig hides from the world.

Director: Conor Bradley
Producers: Ruairi Bradley & Hana Mohamed
Country: Ireland


The cast of a documentary theatre show start to question the director’s motives when he excludes them from the creative process. Who has the right to tell anyone’s story?

Directors: Feidlim Cannon & Gary Keegan
Producers: Zlata Filipovic & Anna Rodgers
Country: Ireland

Burn it All

After her father leaves her mother for her best friend, a devastated Bobbie embarks on a chaotic campaign of revenge.

Director: Jack Hickey
Producer: Lara Hickey
Country: Ireland

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