Sat 13 July | 9:30 | 91’ | Town Hall Theatre 

This collection of premiere shorts delves into the development of Irish characters, emphasising their inner strength and resilience. This programme includes work from debut directors as well as more established filmmakers.

*Please note, this programme touches on violent topics and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Nay Day
A teenage Tiktoker tells the story of her hectic life and aspirations while walking her dog against the backdrop of a menacing industrial landscape.
Director/Writer: Derek Ugochukwu
Producers: Eamon Hughes, David Collins

A father struggles to get a drug legalised that can ensure his son’s survival. He battles to persuade his brother and other politicians in parliament to come together to legalise the drug his son needs.
Director/Writer: Eoghan Hand
Producer: Onai Tafuma

Bunker Baby
In the midst of Ireland’s housing crisis, soon-to-be parents Theo and Lauren grapple with impending parenthood.
Director/Writer: Conor McCormick
Producer: Lorcan O’Hanlon

All That’s Carried
Following her father’s recent death, Anna returns to the family farm to look after a herd of dairy cows.
Director: Rosie Barrett
Producers: Laura Rigney, Eimear Reilly
Writer: Eimear Reilly

An absurd comedy about an introverted man overcoming his internalised stigma to use a hearing aid, leading him to self-acceptance.
Director/Writer: Ste Murray
Producer: Mícheál Fleming

One More Round
Two old friends reconnect in a lively Dublin pub when it emerges that their meeting holds more weight than it appears, the two must overcome their cultural wiring and reveal their sincerest selves.
Director/Producer: Zach Magid
Director/Writer: Andrew Tyrrell


Wife of the Future
In his garden shed, love-sick 18-year-old Liam encounters a masked middle-aged woman who claims to be his future wife. She has travelled back in time to prevent him from making a bizarre decision.
Director/Writer: Rory Hanrahan
Producer: Louise Byrne

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