Fri 12 July | 11:30 | 105’ | Town Hall Theatre 

In this selection of shorts we highlight the day-to-day trauma and second-hand baggage we all carry from our relationships and family. This program includes work from debut directors as well as more established filmmakers.
*Please note, this programme touches on the topic of violence and gore and is not suitable for younger audiences.

The Painted Man
A street performer arrives in a dreary suburb and discovers an unlikely kinship with a young person. Inspired by the science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury’s own story of how he became a writer.
Director/Writer: Dan Colley
Producers: Eamon Hughes, David Collins

Woodlice is a short film based on a true story, depicting grief through symbolism in both surreal and real forms.
Director/Writer: Leonn Ward
Producer: Holly Wolfers

Shay, a queer woman, navigates her brother’s funeral in Dublin’s inner city. Set in a comedic, working-class pub filled with broken hearts, each familiar face Shay encounters represents a stage of grief.
Director: Rosie Barrett
Producers: Nicola Long, Lynn Rafferty
Writer: Lynn Rafferty

Fairview Park
Declan Flynn, a man struggling for self-acceptance, is preyed upon by a gang of self-described ‘Queer-bashers’ in Dublin, 1982. Based on a true story, and seen as a major catalyst for Ireland’s LGBTQ Pride movement.
Directors: Aymeric Nicolet, Ellie Hodgetts
Producers: Tuli Litvak, Daljinder Johal, Joseph Tapp
Writer: Ellie Hodgetts

For the Land is Mine
Peggy is dumbfounded when her depressed and alcoholic brother inherits everything. For the Land is Mine is a tale of succession and resentment.
Director: Jamie O’Rourke
Producer: Aisling Magill
Writers: Jamie O’Rourke, Aisling Magill

Conveyance follows Brian and Suzanne as they finally find their dream home after years of searching. When they realise they are sharing the space with a malevolent force, how much are they willing to put up with to stay there?
Director/Writer: Gemma Creagh
Producers: Maeve McGrath, Keith Bogue

Dead On Arrival
Nurses Shelley and Kate must work out how to cover up the murder of Kate’s husband. But what to do with the body? The knife? The nosy neighbour?
Director/Writer: Niamh McAllister
Producers: Robin Morgan, Niamh McAllister, Joshua Mulhall, Odhrán McNulty, Michael Foster

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