Fri 12 July | 9:30 | 94’ | Town Hall Theatre 

This exciting programme of premiere live-action drama shorts explores different narrative structures. We see shorts that stick to classical narrative storytelling, while others play with the form and method of their storytelling. This programme includes work from debut directors as well as more established filmmakers.
*Please note, this programme touches on adult topics at times and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Jake’s mother takes in a new exchange student. Although hesitant at first to show her around, once they meet, that changes instantly. They spend an amazing week together and Jake writes a love letter to thank her for showing him true love.
Director/Writer: Jackson Lennon
Producer: Daniel O’Neill

A flat-jockey’s life begins to unravel after falling from his horse in a race. Fired by his trainer mother and grappling with his injury, he desperately tries to maintain his riding weight, whilst struggling to support his family.
Director/Writer/Producer: Dale Leadon-Bolger

The Crucible
A red warning comes into place on the eve of Hannah’s surf assessment. Sensing an ill omen, her anxiety rises. Her worst fears are realised when a surf accident forces her into the eye of her own repressed storm of trauma.
Director/Writer: Caroline Harvey
Producers: Edwin Mullane, Caroline Harvey

Florence works for the Echo Grief Centre, where actors are hired to recreate the memories of bereaved clients in an attempt to remedy their regrets.
Director/Writer: Tess Doolan Burke
Producer: Sophie Lynch

The Leper
The Leper is a comedy-drama about Frankie, a paparazzo reflecting on the encounter that made him question his career.
Director: Hugh Mulhern
Producer: Alexander Handschuh
Writers: Levi Scott, Liam Izzard, Noel Murphy

Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky
In a small Irish town, teens Diana and Sol are graduating. Diana once feared a mundane future, but now has a plan for adventure among the stars with her best friend.
Director/Writer: Aisha Bolaji
Producer: Katie Lee Lynch

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