Thurs 11 July | 12:00 | 96’ | Town Hall Theatre 

This programme explores past and present narratives, highlighting the timeless need for connection and community. It features debut work and established directors.
*Please note, this programme touches on adult topics at times and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Where It All Began
A transgender woman arrives in her rural hometown for her mother’s funeral and is met by the father she left behind.
Director/Writer: Alan Dunne
Producers: Lee-Loi Chieng, Jayne Delahunt, Eoin Quinn, Alan Dunne

Molly, a brown Irish woman, is tasked with writing a daunting letter. Over time, she finds the courage to overcome writer’s block, ultimately writing the letter and freeing herself from the burden.
Director: Joy Nesbitt
Producer/Writer: Grace Odumosu

Young People of Ireland
It’s the 29th of September, 1979, and everyone in Dublin is going to see Pope John Paul II. Everyone, except Marian and Pamela.
Director/Writer: Sophie Meehan
Producer: Aoife Derwin

Below the Window
Maria, a new mother living in isolation, encounters a mysterious wayfarer seeking shelter from an approaching storm. The stranger reveals a disturbing interest in Maria’s personal life that will challenge her notion of what is real.
Director: Salvador Alejandro Gutiérrez
Producer: Katniss Tung Cheng
Writer: Nusrat Maati Islam

Fadó, Fadó
When a brother and sister come across the dead body of legendary Irish warrior hero, Cú Chulainn, they come up with an idea to help them save Ulster from Queen Méabh’s.
Director/Writer: Dallan Shovlin
Producers: Patrick O’Neill, Trevor Birney

The Wilde Sisters
In snowy Monaghan, 1871, a manor party turns tragic as Emily and Mary Wilde die in a fire. Stuck in purgatory, Emily stays by inebriated Mary’s side.
Director: Táine King
Producers: Táine King, Úna Spillane
Writers: Joanne Heffernan, Lorraine Higgins, Táine King

The Iron Man
Tony is your average, working class Irish hero who runs a door-to-door ironing service. When the perils of modern day competition come for him, does he have what it takes to overcome them?
Director/Writer: Shane Mulrennan
Producers: Shane Mulrennan, Alan McCarthy

Remote Strutting
Working remotely, Mia excels in software development while imagining a lively office. Challenges from her boss, and support from a colleague, push her to overcome her insecurities.
Director: Lorna Fitzsimons
Producers: Brian Durcan, Emer Durcan
Writer: Ruaidhri Hallinan

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