Irish Talent: New Shorts 2, Fiction

Wed 06 July / Town Hall Theatre / 12:00 / 16+

Our second programme of live-action shorts explores the blurry lines between fact and fiction, and what happens when we open our eyes to face reality, featuring work from established directors.
Please note, this programme touches on the topic of domestic violence.


Jamie, an impulsive and rebellious teenager, mourning the recent death of her mother, goes on the hunt to find fireworks to re-live a lost memory and repair a broken relationship with her sister.

Director: Ciarán Maginn
Producers: Emma Foley &
Tamryn Reinecke
Country: Ireland

Family Night

The film tells the story of a family forced to take part in a family night by their extremely strict father. An offbeat short horror film set in the winter of 1995.

Director: Alan Dunne
Producers: Eoin Quinn & Jayne Delahunt
Country: Ireland

At Arm’s Length

A young man regains consciousness in an empty field, in agony, unable to move and on a call he can’t remember making. A story about the pandemic.

Director: Brian Deane
Producers: Brian Deane &
Eanna Hardwicke
Country: Ireland

White Pudding Supper

White Pudding Supper is a tale of escalating tension. The film deals with the stigma attached to growing old and the perceptions and easy assumptions we make in everyday life.

Director: Ciarán Charles
Producer: Sarah Dunn
Country: United Kingdom


Nicole and Justin hold their final dinner party before their ‘departure’. The group are treated to a smorgasbord of the couple’s favourite foods and wines. Tensions gradually rise as the evening draws on and the wine lowers inhibitions.

Director: Marie Clare Cushinan
Producer: Róisín Browne
Country: United Kingdom

Try and Touch

Shy rugby star Emer has caught feelings for her musically-gifted classmate Temi. But will she muster the courage to act on them?

Director: Nell Hensey
Producer: Gemma O’Shaughnessy
Country: Ireland

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