Thurs 11 July | 10:00 | 96’ | Town Hall Theatre 

Regardless of culture, background, or age, the live-action shorts in our second programme tackle universal themes we all encounter in our relationships and family dynamics.
*Please note, this programme touches on adult topics and is not suitable for younger audiences.

An Chathair Mhór (Big City)
A young man moves away from home in search of a new life in New York City. He takes a job minding a distant relative, and the two find themselves more alike than they realise.
Director/Writer: Cian O’Connor
Producers: Cian O’Connor, Shane O’Connor

Swedish Death
Seeking a sense of control in her life, Caroline becomes a minimalist. In an ironic twist of fate, a severe winter storm leaves her trapped without power, and she must burn her few belongings in order to survive.
Director/Writer: Kristina Yee
Producer: Maggie Ryan

Two sisters must put aside their fraught relationship in order to hide the body of a dead clown. This film was written, shot and edited in 48 hours.
Directors: Emily Murray, Paul D’Eath
Producer: Paul D’Eath
Writers: Paul D’Eath, Emily Murray, Eilish McCarthy

In a Traveller camp overlooking a neglected council estate, three brothers who went their separate ways are forced to reunite for their father’s funeral. The death of their father forces them to rekindle their relationships.
Director/Writer: Ethan Donoghue
Producers: Ethan Donoghue, Joshua Donoghue

Night Glances
A drug-infused end-of-school house party breaks down barriers between two best friends with an unspoken love for each other.
Director/Writer: Sam Ahern
Producer: Kieran Sheridan

A Syrian father, haunted by his past, struggles to adapt to life with his daughter in rural Ireland.
Director: James Doherty
Producer: Roisin Geraghty
Writers: James Doherty, Roisin Agnew, Fadl Mustapha, Bilal Akra

(The Boat)
When Dhuckia grows up, she wants to be a boat builder like her father. But when he finds out that she is showing the early symptoms of leprosy, he must make a terrible choice.
Director/Writer: Luke Morgan
Producer: Jake Morgan

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