Fri 08 July / Pálás 2 / 22:00

2022 / Finland & Sweden / 86 min / Horror

Hatching is a horror film about a 12-year-old gymnast, Tinja, who does everything to fulfil her mother’s high expectations. One day, Tinja finds a strange bird egg and starts hatching it until out bursts a birdlike creature. Tinja names the horrifying monster Alli, and hides it in her closet.

“Elevated by newcomer Siiri Solalinna’s fearless performance, Hanna Bergholm’s debut feature puts an original spin on a familiar doppelgänger premise.” — Variety

Like baby birds, Alli only eats Tinja’s vomit, and after each feeding it gradually transforms into Tinja’s doppelganger. Tinja’s buried aggression and jealousy pushes Alli into increasingly violent attacks until no one is safe.

Irish Premiere

Director: Hanna Bergholm
Writers: Hanna Bergholm, Ilja Rautsi & Nima Yousefi
Producers: Mika Ritalahti & Nico Ritalahti
Cast: Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä & Jani Volanen

Principal funder