Sat 13 July | 14:30 | Town Hall Theatre

2024 | Ireland | 97’

There is a 30 minute delay on this film due to unforeseen circumstances, the new showtime is 14:30

Mickey Richards, a delusional, aging rocker who never realised his dreams, lives a care-free, ‘rock and roll’ life. Spending his nights in bars bragging about his glory days to a group of youths. And then there’s Gina Fox, the young bartender… 

Mickey’s life has only amounted to a failed marriage and a neglected relationship with his musically talented son, Alan. Mickey decides it’s time he shows Alan what he’s been missing. When Alan is introduced to Gina through a decorating job at her house, it means competition for Gina’s heart. This, and Mickey’s attempts to impress Alan, only creates an even bigger wedge between the two of them. 

It’s time for Mickey to wake up, and stop living in that Dreamtown.

World Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow

Director/Writer/Producer: Steven McKenna
Cast: Anthony Murphy, Cian Hyland, Michelle Lucy

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