Thurs 11 July | 13:30 | Pálás Screen 1

2024 | Ireland | 77’

There is an inherent understanding of the grieving process when a family loses a loved one, but what if that person isn’t gone? Don’t Forget to Remember is an artist’s exploration of the fragility of memory, and the lived experience of his mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s; yet it also celebrates a family’s life lived together.

In collaboration with the artist Asbestos, the film opens an honest conversation about the delicate nature of memory. Through the artist’s process, we establish that even though Alzheimer’s brings elements of disintegration and destruction, we can never truly lose a loved one if we hold on to our collective memories.

Post-show discussion will follow

Director: Ross Killeen
Producer: Louise Byrne
Cast: Asbestos

Principal funder