Diving into the Unknown

Fri 8 July / Cinemobile / 12.152016 / Finland, Norway / 90min
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“This one will have your heart pounding from the tense underwater moments, but will also show you what true friendship can be.” — Hot Docs 2016

Cave diving is a dangerous hobby. For a group of Finnish cave divers, their worst nightmare becomes real during an accident in which two divers drown deep inside a cave in Norway. In this feature length documentary viewers are drawn into a secret operation where the surviving divers try to retrieve the bodies of their friends – after the official retrieval operation has been called off. Can they overcome the burden of their own fears during this life-threatening mission?

Diving into the Unknown is more than just a rare insight into a secret operation – it is also an in-depth story of the groups’ unconditional friendship.

Official selection: Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival 2016

Producer Juho Harjula will attend.

Director Juan Reina
Cast Patrik Grönqvist, Kai Känkänen, Sami Paakkarinen, Vesa Rantanen
Script Juan Reina
Producer Juho Harjula

Presented with the support of The Finnish Film Foundation.