Dead In A Week
(Or Your Money Back)

Thu 12 July / Pálás Screen 1 / 23:00

Tickets €11  Concession €10


“A funny send-up of both sad boys and aging assassins.” — WF

William, for the first time in his life, feels a weight lifted. After many failed suicide attempts, William decides to hire a hitman. Ageing hitman Leslie is a one-man euthanasia clinic with a good heart, but a shaky hand.

After browsing through Leslie’s brochure “Your Death…Your Way” William settles on “quick and painless.” With the contract signed, and the promise from Leslie of “no garrotting”, William waits for the inevitable.

Official Selection: Edinburgh International Film Festival

The director will attend

Director: Tom Edmunds
Script: Tom Edmunds
Producers: Daniel-Konrad Cooper & Nick Clark Windo
Cast: Tom Wilkinson, Aneurin Barnard, Marion Bailey & Christopher Eccleston

Year: 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 89 mins


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