Dead Along The Way

Wed 6 July / Town Hall Studio / 19.302016 / Ireland / 88min
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“In this Irish crime comedy, hapless wedding videographers Wacker and Tony find themselves unexpectedly dealing with a dead body, overly-enthusiastic Gardaí, fertility treatment, and a vengeful gangster… oh, and an imminent wedding.”

Wacker and Tony – a pair of down-on-their-luck videographers – are about to video a wedding, and they think their lives can’t get any worse. Wacker’s wife has chucked him out, he has been beaten up over money she borrowed for fertility treatment, and a drink-fueled incident the night before has put his friendship with Tony under huge strain. But their problems are only beginning: Big Jim – a notorious loan shark who is also having a pretty bad time of it after learning about his 16 year old daughter’s pregnancy – visits the church and dies after a scuffle with Tony. The videographers decide to try and conceal their crime before any wedding guests arrive. What happens next is ungodly.

Director Maurice O’Carroll will attend.

Director Maurice O’Carroll
Cast Niall Murphy, Ciaran Bermingham, Tom Lawlor, Ben Condron, Sinead O’Riordan
Script Maurice O’Carroll
Producers Elaine O’Carroll, Sinead O’Riordan, Maurice O’Carroll