Carol of the Bells

Sun 10 July / Town Hall Theatre / 19:30

2021 / Poland & Ukraine / 120 min / Period Drama

Carol of the Bells is the story of three families – Ukrainian, Polish, and Jewish – who lived in the same building in Stanislaviv in Ukraine between 1938 and 1944. All three families disappeared one by one, leaving their children in the building. The last one to disappear was a Ukrainian woman who was a teacher of music.

“Morgunets’s period drama, completed in 2021, sadly takes on new resonance amid the renewed invasion of Ukraine but uplifts with its enduring message of the triumph of the human spirit.” — WF

The story itself comes from the memories of Teresa, a Polish woman who became a famous singer in New York. She recalls these events one Christmas night in 1984 while in the airport waiting for the arrival of Yaroslava – a Ukrainian woman with whom she survived the war. The only thing that she has from the past is the Ukrainian song – “The Carol of Bells” – which saved her during the war and made her popular. And now she dreams of singing it with Yaroslava.

Irish Premiere

Followed by Q&A with director Olesya Morgunets-Isaenko, actor Yana Koroliova, and producer Artem Koliubaier.

Director: Olesya
Writer: Oksana Prysiazhniuk
Producers: Maksim Leshchanka & Artem Koliubaiev
Cast: Andrey Mostrenko, Tomasz Sobczak, Yana Koroliova, Polina Hromova, Evgeniya Solodovnik & Khrystyna Ushytska

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