Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

15 Jul, 16:00, Town Hall Theatre Main

Tickets €10,  Concession €9, Kids (U12) €6.50


Morten Viks is a ten year old boy.  He has no mother and his father is away at sea, sailing in his own boat, the Salamander.  Morten is being brought up by his aunt, Anna, the owner of the café, which overlooks the harbour.   Anna takes out her frustrations on Morten.Morten retreats from his unhappiness to a world of childish fantasy.  He dreams of being a sea captain like his father. He constructs a toy boat from bits and pieces that he finds and crews it with insects.When Morten’s father returns from the sea he is overjoyed.  But Captain Viks treats Morten too much like a child.  Morten is crestfallen when his father has to set sail once more.A strange illusionist appears in the neighbourhood.  At the same time, the water pipes in the café become disconnected. After a series of catastrophic events Morten finds himself the size of an insect on board his very own toy ship, afloat in the flooded café.Morten thinks he is the captain of this ship but is soon disillusioned.  The ship is controlled by a spider who looks and acts remarkably like his aunt Anna.  In fact, everything on this ship is a grotesque version of his life as a boy.  The crew are insect versions of the characters who inhabit the café. He begins to win the respect of the other crew members by saving the ship from disaster after disaster as the water level rises in the café.His growing self-confidence leads Morten to reassess his relationships with Anna, with the other characters she tries to manipulate.  Finally restored to his normal size by the magician, Morten returns to the real world to find his relationships are all changed.  He can now set sail with his father.

Director and cast, including Tommy Tiernan, will be in attendance. 


Director: Kaspar  Jancis
Cast: Ciarán Hinds, Brendan Gleeson, Michael McElhatton and Susie Power
Script: Kaspar  Jancis, Robin  Lyons, Andrew Offiler, Mike Horelick, Paul  Risacher
Producers: Paul Cummins, Kerdi Oengo, Mark  Mertens, Jan Goossen, Heather Grace Mills, Robin Lyons, Anders Mand

Year: 2018
Country: Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Estonia
Duration: 78 mins

Irish Premiere

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