Thu 7 July / Cinemobile / 10.152015 / Spain, Lithuania / 96min
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“This poignant exploration of the emotionally fraught business of trans-national adoption follows a middle-aged Spanish couple on a journey to bring home an orphan from Lithuania, where the indifference and bureaucracy of the process puts a strain on their relationship.” — Seattle IFF 2016

La adopción

Daniela Féjerman demonstrates her mastery of narrative in a drama that she had to endure for herself: the extremely tough process of adopting a child in a country riddled with corruption. A Spanish couple travel to Eastern Europe with high hopes of adopting a child. However, things do not work out as they had expected. The dream they came with threatens to turn into a nightmare as their case is dealt with by dishonest pencil pushers in a strange country. They wait to be assigned a healthy (or not so healthy) child.

Official selection: Berlinale 2016
Official selection: Seattle International Film Fest 2016

Director Daniela Féjerman
Cast Nora Navas, Francesc Garrido, Larissa Kalpokaite, Vytautas Kaniušonis, Šarūnas Puidokas
Script Daniela Féjerman, Alejo Flah
Producers Gerardo Herrero, Ramüñas Škikas

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