Thurs 11 July | 14:00 | Town Hall Theatre

2024 | Germany, France, USA | 97’

Italian, English

Victor Kossakovsky presents an epic, intimate, and poetic meditation on architecture and how the design and construction of buildings from the ancient past reveal our destruction – and offer hope for survival and a way forward.

Kossakovsky reflects on the rise and fall of civilisations while focusing on a landscape project by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, using imagery from the temple ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon, dating back to AD 60, to the recent destruction of cities in Turkey following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in early 2023. The grandeur and folly of humanity and its precarious relationship with nature posits the urgent question: how do we build, and how can we build better, before it’s too late?

Architecton has its World Premiere at Berlinale 24.

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: Victor Kossakovsky
Producers: Heino Deckert, Charlotte Hailstone

Principal funder