Thurs 11 July | 15:00 | Pálás Screen 2

2023 | Belgium | 100’

French (English Subtitles)

Amal, a French teacher in a Brussels high school, encourages her students to cultivate a passion for reading, defend freedom of expression, and promote acceptance of others. But her outspokenness upsets some students and colleagues tied to Islamic extremism, which vehemently opposes her teaching methods. Yet Amal stands her ground, especially when she has to help one of her students, the discreet Monia, who, suspected of being homosexual, has been attacked, harassed and threatened.

Irish Premiere

Director: Jawad Rhalib
Writers: Jawad Rhalib, David Lambert, Chloé Leonil
Producers: Geneviève Lemal, Ellen de Waele
Cast: Lubna Azabal, Fabrizio Rongione, Catherine Salée

Principal funder