Fri 12 July | 20:15 | Pálás Screen 3

2023 | USA | 90’

The Landrys gather for the weekend to fix up their family home in Chicago. Graham (Josh Radnor) really wishes his life was in a better place, especially since he’s reconnected with his college crush, Dana (Chandra Russell). Sue (Becky Ann Baker) is looking forward to the next chapter in her life when an incident at her retirement party forces her to question things, including her marriage to complacent Roy (John Ashton). Then, Will (Rob Huebel), the television star, blows in. What starts out as a benign family get-together ends up spiraling out of control as some bombshell news threatens to tear everything apart.

International Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow


Director: Haroula Rose
Writers: Haroula Rose, Coburn Goss
Producers: Liz Cardenas, Ian Keiser, Mary Munez
Cast: Josh Radnor, Chandra Russell, Becky Ann Baker, John Ashton, Ivy O’Brien, Rob Huebel

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