Galway Film Fleadh | 7th - 12th July 2015
Academy Awards Arts Council

25th Galway Film Fleadh Programme

Dir. Cory Van Dyke | USA | 2013

Far Marfa

Far Marfa

In Cory Van Dyke’s Far Marfa, the windswept town of Marfa, Texas, provides the backdrop for a stalled musician’s quest to reclaim his art. With a mainframe clearly firing on the frequencies of Lynch and Lebowski, Van Dyke’s inventive script and surrealist visual touches lend the work an endearing, light-as-air strangeness and are evidence of a decidedly original new voice.

Far Marfa is equally indebted to the affable charm of Johnny Sneed, playing Carter Frazier, who manages to lose his girlfriend, his pride and a priceless piece of abstract art given to him by a soon-to-be-dead stranger all in the span of one day. In his half-baked attempt to find the painting he unwittingly inherits, he may just find the pathway to true happiness and a reason to start attempting some masterpieces of his own.

The Director and members of the cast will attend

Running Time: 86 mins | Colour 

Producers: Jennie Lyn Hamilton And Cory Van Dyke

Script: Cory Van Dyke

Cast: Johnny Sneed, Jolyn Janis, Jessie Bernstein, Julie Mintz

Production: Marfa, Tx

Print Source: Producer

Sat 13 Jul IMC 7 20.30
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