New Irish Shorts 3 Human Rights Docs

Fri 8 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10.00
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Our Human Rights strand of short documentaries features films from conflict zones, border crossings and refugee camps. A collection of stories from those on the frontline as they fight for freedom, dignity and a normal life.

Backlash: The War on Human Rights

Violent attacks against human rights defenders are not new. But a new threat is taking hold globally with the potential to affect all our lives.
Director Nuala Cunningham
Producers Nuala Cunningham, Ciaran O’Connor


Borderland explores the current refugee crisis that is unfolding across Europe’s borders.
Directors Conor Maguire, Paul Webster
Producers Conor Maguire, Paul Webster

The Border

The Border offers a glimpse of the stories of some of the women, men and children making long and perilous journeys to seek refuge in Europe.
Director Caoimhe Butterly
Producer Caoimhe Butterly

Destination: Gaza

Brought up in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, Garry McGovern entered Gaza after the 2014 war, to see how families coped in a current conflict.
Director Garry McGovern
Producer Garry McGovern