New Irish Shorts 1

Thu 7 July / Town Hall Theatre / 10.30
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The first in our series of live action drama programmes features mixed-themed shorts which highlight the variety in Irish filmmaking today. The films range from traditional narratives to contemporary dance to the supernatural.


In the wilds of Connemara, an engineer and his daughter are targeted by an ancient and angry force from within the earth itself.
Director Brian Deane
Producer Crónán Creagh


In a sleepy Irish town, a hit and run accident may unravel more than a young couple’s relationship.
Director Paul D’Eath
Producer Claire O’Malley

Day Off

Laura struggles to come to terms with this life changing affliction. Her only distraction is her day off, where once each week she finds time to see friends and socialise.
Director Stephen Hall
Producer Ronan Cassidy

The Wake

A woman. A house. Sheets stir… new beginnings await. Using dance as a unique cinematic language, The Wake is an Irish film that explores female dynamics inside the house.
Director Oonagh Kearney
Producer Zlata Filipovic


A macho Traveller becomes increasingly concerned that his young son is “soft”.
Director James Doherty
Producer Peter Frankie Brennan


When an important pigeon race and a rare visit home by his son Martin coincide, Charlie waits anxiously for a safe journey home.
Director Audrey O’Reilly
Producers Lyndzi Doyle, Audrey O’Reilly