Creative England Shorts

Friday 8 July / Cinemobile / 16:15
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This year we are expanding our borders with a programme of shorts from England. This non-competitive selection of live action drama shorts was produced under Creative England schemes, including Emerging Talent, iShorts 2 and Funny Girls. This programme features work from debut filmmakers and more established directors.

Here Boy

In Claudia, Simon has met the perfect girl. But she treats him like a dog and there’s only so much he can take.
Director Molly Manners
Producer Selena Cunningham

Polar Bear

Polar Bear pursues an act of violence as it ricochets through time.
Director Sean Buckley
Producers Diarmid Scrimshaw,Dan Winch


Helped by her self-made flying mechanical creatures, a young inventor and an enigmatic pint-sized superhero defeat the town bullies and find an unexpected friendship.
Director Peter Stanley-Ward
Producers Nicole Carmen-Davis,Chris Musselwhite

A Six and Two Threes

Two kids from different sides of the tracks meet when one of them goes in search of his father.
Director Andy Berriman
Producer Maria Caruana Galizia

Holes in their Souls

Fact is stranger than fiction in this true urban myth.
Director Andy Smith
Producers Dave Hart, Ged Hunter