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30th Galway Film Fleadh 10th - 15th July 2018

The Galway Film Fleadh – Ireland’s leading film festival – is a six day international film event held every July. We welcome a mad diversity of filmmaking from all around the world. We aim to embrace everyone from the occasional lover of stories who may visit a cinema once a month, film lovers’ who can’t wait to experience the hottest new arthouse cinema delight and film creators from across the spectrum of the cinema world. The international and national cinema industry are heavily present, with the festival attracting directors, actors, cinematographers and artists of all generations and cultural backgrounds. Many make themselves available to conduct question and answer or panel discussion sessions throughout the festival.

Now in its 29th year, the central goal of the Galway Film Fleadh remains unchanged: to bring together audiences and filmmakers within an intimate environment, and share a common experience – the wonder of cinema.

Past guests have included:

…to name but a few.


For more information on where to stay, how to get here, where to eat and drink and what else you can do while you’re in Galway, please see our ‘How To Fleadh‘ section.


In order to prepare our screening programme each year, we invite submissions from feature film and short film directors. These submissions, along with a selection of world and Irish cinema, chosen with a great deal of deliberation by our programming team, from the selection pool from which our screening programme is selected. We run over 100 screenings of these feature and short films during our event.

Alongside our screenings, we also host a script pitching competition and co-host a series of industry-focused masterclasses with our sister event, the Galway Film Fair.

In order to help our festival happen, we recruit a team of 60 or so volunteers from the general public. Many of those who successfully apply are those who are learning about the film industry in one way or another, as directors, writers, actors or crew and many others are simply huge fans of cinema – all of these volunteers share a common goal of being part of and/or promoting the cinema industry in Ireland. Volunteering at the Film Fleadh gives a valuable insight into how this section of the cinema industry in Ireland ticks.

Taken outside the Town Hall Theatre, July 2015