29th Galway Film Fleadh 11th - 16th July 2017

The Fleadh believes that cinema has the power to shed light on human rights abuses and also the power to affect real change. This year’s Human Rights programme focuses on today’s pressing global concerns, including the refugee crisis, female genital mutilation, and the damage caused by conflicts across the world.

Titles include Elián, which explores how a five-year-old Cuban boy named Elián González changed the course of US-Cuban relations when he was found floating through the Florida Straits one Thanksgiving Day. Jaha’s Promise is a story about a woman who confronts global taboos: female genital mutilation and forced marriage. In 69 Minutes of 86 Days, we travel alongside three-year-old Lean who shows us the courage Syrian refugees must have to search for a better life. Bogdan’s Journey tells the story of a man raising awareness about the antisemitism in Poland at the end of WWII. Condemned to Remember follows Irish Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental as he embarks on a journey across a Europe in turmoil and discovers a strong bond with Syrian refugees. Disturbing the Peace tracks a group of former enemies on their transformational journey from soldiers in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to non-violent peace activists. The Peacemaker follows Padraig O’Malley to some of the most dangerous crisis zones on Earth – from Northern Ireland to Kosovo, Nigeria to Iraq, as he works a peace-making model based on his recovery from addiction. In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America is a powerful documentary based on the legendary Northern Irish politician who, through his relationships with the White House and US Congress, created the framework for peace in Northern Ireland.